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Since 1996, S.G. Racette Plumbing & Heating has been offering our skills and services to all of Western MA and Northern CT, and our family has been doing it even longer. We offer installation, servicing, repair and removal of most any piping and related appliances, from water pipes and toilets, to propane and air conditioning, you know you can count on us!

Showers, Tubs, Bathing Fixtures

We install cutting edge plumbing fixtures and technology including thermostatic mixers, whirlpool tubs and rain head systems.

Water Heating & Boilers

Some of our best work is hidden away in your basement! We provide installation and service of all types of water heaters, including the latest 90%+ efficient condensing equipment that gives you endless hot water while saving on your gas bill.


Toilets, Sinks, even Bidets

When the most important fixture in the house isn't working you know you're in for a bad day. Repairing them is our specialty but nothing beats brand new!

We pride ourselves on being a family business, and we understand that means being a reputable, dependable contractor who you can trust to work inside your home. We hope to hear from you soon!
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We don't just get the job done, we make sure each one of our customers is happy and satisfied with the work completed.

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